At Tangerine, we are aligned with the values surrounding family and tradition as a means to understand life on a deeper level.

Our heritage is rooted in the Mediterranean, and all the ways that our home inspires us; through an abundance of natural beauty, the significance of tradition, and the nostalgic memories of childhood.

We believe in silhouettes that are timeless, relationships that are honest and the importance of empowering the people behind our pieces. By celebrating these beliefs, we place them at the forefront of what we do, we aim to inspire our community.

Tangerine cares for people and nature, we believe that style and beauty can be created consciously to reduce the negative social and environmental impact. Our garments are designed to last over generations and withstand use over time.

We achieve this by sourcing the finest materials, repurposing fabrics and partnering with the best ethical factories around Morocco.

Our pieces are a recreation of classic and simple silhouettes inspired by the narrative of our origins. The collections honor the beauty in imperfection in a unique, traditional and modern design perspective.



Pieces are made to last with hand - selected materials. Tangerine silhouettes are classic and simple, inspired by nature and heritage.

Collaborations with artisans, designers, photographers, and a range of professionals are the core to inspire our pieces.

Collections celebrate both craftmanship and arts honesty offering a unique mix of traditional and contemporary wardrobes.


Our garments are made to last and to facilitate at least a second life for them. Individual and collective legacy is crucial for us. We create unique collections beyond the limits of the season.


Tangerine production is based in Morocco and Barcelona, where expert hands in our factories work with fine selected materials to ensure both hight quality pieces and responsible processes.


Repurposed has been created to be honest with the environment and the planet. We understand this initiative as a commitment to encourage and extend the life cycle of our garments until the end of their usefulness.