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Effective Date: 10-Jan-2023
Last Updated: 10-Jan-2023

Innovació Mataró Textil S.L is a company in the textile-fashion sector dedicated to the design and production management of garments for clothing brands with a clear focus on sustainability, innovation, and circularity.

I.M.T's mission is to facilitate the transition towards circularity in one of the world's most polluting sectors today. We achieve this by offering brands design and production services for clothing collections aimed at minimizing their environmental impact through eco-design and by applying the Zero Waste philosophy throughout the value chain, as well as by introducing recycled fibers from pre- and post-consumer textile waste.

Furthermore, we are constantly developing new innovation projects also focused on sustainability and circularity. Among these, we launch newly created proprietary brands to the international market through digital channels, and with our knowledge of the sector and sustainability, we add value to our products that differentiates us from the competition.


Carrer Foneria 15, Mataro (08304)

+34 937 419 123