The "raison d'être" of LevensJewels is based on craftsmanship. Like a handwritten music or a drawing on canvas, the jewels that make up each collection are made with a clear artistic vocation. Inspiration comes from the everyday, from what never goes out of style for the simple fact of being part of the tradition that makes up popular culture.

Mar del Hoyo is a Spanish actress who, after a 15-year career, found a new way to materialize her creativity on a trip to the Côte d'Azur (France). Returning home after this experience, she began to investigate the application of ceramics in jewelry. Some time later and honoring Levens, the town where she made her first ceramic earrings and which somehow changed the course of his life, Levens Jewels was born.

Our inspiration is born from values around family and tradition. We are inspired by beauty, mediterranean roots and our heritage. Quotidian moments related to childhood that turns into nostalgic memories. 

Photographed by Adriá Cañameras.