Tangerine presents its new rugs capsule collab for fall/winter 2023. Wool rugs with unique designs and patterns made by hand in collaboration with artisan communities in Morocco.

It has been almost a year in which we have been working with these communities of artisans, after the earthquake in Morocco that has left scars in the hearts and homes of many communities, Tangerine has felt the call to act by donating 100% of its profits to High Atlas Foundation. Our rugs are more than just fabrics. They are threads of hope that connect cultures and heritage.

The High Atlas Foundation has been operating in the areas most affected by the earthquake for two decades. Their work is based in community development, and social welfare – providing immediate relief and long term support to the most affected communities by this tragic disaster.

As we are alined with honest relationships and the importance of empowering the people behind our pieces, the 100% of the profits will be destinated to High Atlas Foundation by donating school supplies and tents for temporary education from the earthquake and also distribute warm clothing, food supplies, and hygiene kits.

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